lördag 12 januari 2008

Grand Theft Auto

Yes no Vice City, no San Andreas - this is the granddaddy original! Back in the days when 2D games still rocked, Grand Theft Auto brought a whole new concept to the world of gaming, without the need for fancy 3D effects. The premise was pretty much the same as it's successors - you're trying to build a rep with the crime bosses, but in order to achieve that, you have to do some dirty work on the streets! Kill a target, drive a car to a certain dstination to pick up a delivery, anything you'd reckon a normal hard working thug would have to do to make a living. "But that's a commercial game", I hear from the back rows. Well, here's a treat - Rockstar Games are now giving away the game for FREE - no charge, zilch, nada cash! Even more, they include the followup, appropriately named "Grand Theft Auto 2"! So go download it here, and enjoy a moment of classic game history!

For more info on the "Grand Theft Auto"-series - click here!

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